Vector Explains Why He Would Never Do A Battle Of Hits On Social Media


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Nigerian rapper, Vector has revealed that he would never join the trend of doing a battle of hits on Instagram.

Taking to his Twitter page, the rapper said that a lot of artistes want to do a battle of hits but they forget that it’s not competition that is needed now but unity amongst one another. He added that he has long ago removed himself from the facade of doing trends. Vector also disclosed a popular artiste who people refer to as a legend is owing him about four million naira and has refused to pay back.

Alot of us want to challenge popular people but don’t know that it’s not by the voice of an individual but the large voice of every one. You see how, if we had to stay isolated for longer, we’d be fucked on modern day social interaction and communication? The govt. has the responsibility to make sure that the citizens they are clamoring tax at are protected from businesses that may take advantage of them. There are also fucking Nigerians that “force subscribe” you to content that entertainers struck deals to steal money with.

I sat in a meeting with one guy once and he was on the team of a “legend” that many praise. With all the madness, it is left to us who have decided to do better to be better. When the time is right. All their names will come out. Fuck the fucking fuck out of here! Awan oloshi.We want unity? How unified were we when it was all about how much you could pay your way ahead of the collective? How unified were we when we could have come together and made our lives collectively change. Most people just want numbers that’s all.

I removed myself from the facade. One still Dey owe me approximately 4M based on honesty wey we take align but na super scam. I just laugh leave am. Him no know say him loss go pass my own based on life.I told a couple rappers too that we need to make this work unanimous but they didn’t think there would be a time where all our expensive cars won’t move but our minds will. Corona is doing wonders beyond all the churches in port harcourt. It is… 

See the tweet below:

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