Tue. Jun 15th, 2021

Breaking: Two Homosexual caught red handed having sex in midst of Corona virus pandemic!!

Two Homosexuals were caught red-handed having sex in one community called UMUEZE , in ORLU LGA, IMO STATE. The Black one is a Nigerian police officer from Umugboga, Amike, ORLU LGA, IMO STATE. who stays at checkpoint, at Mgbabano, Nkwerre LGA, Imo state (Married) . The yellow one is a son to one Photographer named (Emesco) Both from ORLU LGA.

This particular police officer with his colleagues chased a man driving with his car, threatened to shoot him if he move an inch. After few discussions, they took bribe of almost 5k from him and left. But This evening he was caught having sex with his fellow man.

They were caught red-handed by security men of Umueze Autonomous community, Orlu, after tracing them to where they had the sex.

According to them, “immediately they entered the house, the police officer took down his trouser and pulled off his shirts, bend over and the yellow guy Started f****g him. Immediately they (the security officers) broke in and arrested them. And took them down to the community hall. Tortured them really good.

Items recovered from them are; 3 sachets of condoms, different brand. And The police officer’s ID CARD. Police officers are their asking for his release but to no avail.

See photos below




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