Tue. Jun 22nd, 2021

FUNNY SOMEHOW !!!!!! There was extraordinary drama at a Zambian wedding after a bride reportedly confessed to the groom at the altar that she did not love him and fled.

According to the Zambian Observer, the 32-year-old bride, identified only as Roseline, apparently changed her mind after seeing her true love walking into the church to witness the wedding.

After confessing to the groom that she did not love him, she ran off into the streets with the groom in hot pursuit, pleading to her to return to the altar.

One of Roseline’s close friends reportedly said: “I believe she did what she did because she saw the previous man in her life at the reception. We heard that he had earlier promised to marry her, but he later traveled to the UK and never showed up again.”

Seeing her long-lost boyfriend apparently pushed Roseline to change her mind about her suitor. However, her decision caused pandemonium as the wedding reception ended abruptly.

Further reports indicate that Roseline refused the groom’s entreaties and the wedding had to be called off. The would-be bride’s whereabouts are reportedly unknown.

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