Tue. Jun 22nd, 2021

Chairman, Council of Ulama of Jama’atu Izalatul Bidi’ah Wa Iqamatus Sunnah (JIBWIS), Sheik Sani Yahaya Jingir has called for a fresh election in the event of death or incapacitation of a Nigerian President.

He stated that the present arrangement as contained in the Nigerian Constitution where the vice president takes over should not be the case.

Jingir spoke in Bauchi at the matriculation of the students of Sunnah College Bauchi.

The cleric opined that the present arrangement had opened an avenue where the president was exposed to uncertainty while his vice ‎was confident of becoming president whether Nigerians liked him or not.

“If this arrangement is maintained as it is, it will pose a lot of political uncertainties and security threat to us as a nation.

“We elected the President as the President. If he dies or incapacitated, there should be a fresh election.

“If this anomaly is not addressed, then we are not secured because a dishonest Vice President may work against him to get his seat.

“Is the right to personal opinion guaranteed in our constitution? Then this is my personal opinion,” he said.

Sheik Jingir also faulted the arrangement where all the 36 states produce 3 senators each regardless of their land mass and population, noting that such places the bigger and populated states at a disadvantage.

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