The Main Cause For Corona Virus Finally Revealed-In China 🇨🇳👉See Details


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On 23 of March 2020 The President of China .. Decided to Go More Deeper  to Fetch The Cause Of This Deadly Diseases That have Go viral Around the World And Killed Uncountable People Mostly In China and Italy 🇮🇹 , So He Decided to Seek For Help From United State of America For Quality Investigation On this Corona Virus Diseases , So They Decided to use one of the Dead Body Killed by Corona Virus As Part of Lab Instrumental Now They Finally See The Reason of it .. According to the Results… This Corona Virus 🦠 is A Disease that Pass Trough Blood after Eating A Lively Animals Suck Like



Lizard 🦎

Pig 🐖

Frog 🐸


Fish 🐟

And Many More

The President Of China Still haven’t Drop His Command on this Result but only thing he said is he must end The eating of lively Animals in China But have not put a condition To It

Reporting by Samuel Idiog HABAKLEF MEDIA Admin From Shenzhen China

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