I wrote an album for them, they made $1 million and paid me $300 – May D on defunct P-square group | Watch Video


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Nigerian singer, Mr May D has continued to spill the beans on the working condition he endured during his stint with the then P-square group. Following the bombshell allegations raised by Cynthia Morgan in a live interview, May D followed up by disclosing his own dealings with the Okoye brothers. He claimed he shared the boys quarter in the Okoye’s home with their cook and slept on cartons and was not given the credits for writing their ‘Invasion’ album.
In a video circulating online, May D revealed he wrote the album for the defunct music group in which they earned $1 million but they gave him only $300. The singer, however, noted that he still loves his colleagues from the bottom of his heart and he admitted that he received a hummer jeep from them but it was later re-claimed. It didn’t end there as he said he doesn’t want anyone to label him as a greedy person or an ingrate because he is content with his life.

Watch the video below:

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