#Covid19 | President Buhari Explained the Reason Why They Will be No Payment For Citizens Trough BVN | See Details


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The President of The Biggest Country In Africa Nigeria, President Muhammad Buhari Have Finally Open up To Nigeria Citizens That have Been Requesting for Allowance of Stay at Home Just Like Other Big Countries Did .

He Said 👇

I Know And I feel the pain of Does That Dont have And for does that Have I am a Human Being too But A Lots of Nigerians have been Looking at Other Countries the way they did And I know they are Expecting me to do so , But I want to let every Nigerian Citizens to Understand That Nigeria is a Stubborn Country That has A Lots of people that Can’t  Obey Simple Rules But am not Saying that they don’t deserve The money but I want everyone to know that there is no Money to ReLease Nigeria Economics Are Really Going Down Day by day So If we Try to Release any Money it will be A Very Dangerous Risk to Take .. So Please Every Nigerians should Stop Copying Other Countries Nigeria Economy And International Economies Are Not Same Other countries Obey Rules That’s why they country Value them when they In Pain but Nigerians are very Trickiest They can Lie even when you Approve the Payment they will still Say Bad about it So is better we protect our Economy and Mange the one We have Till the end of this Corona Virus ..  Thank You All For Your Understanding And Always Staysafe

And Am Also Thinking of Extending The Lockdown Because the Reportedly Cases are Increasing Daily

Let Us Stay Safe  

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