Tue. Jun 15th, 2021

A Trans Gender Nigeria Internet Personality Popularly known with Bobrisky Tested Positive After Returning from Turkey According to His Reports he Secretly Traveled to Turkey to meet a Best Friend For a Business But not knowing that There is a New Virus Coming our Soon and He was Rushed to Book a Flight to Nigeria but He was Denied Due to the Closing of Border And No Movements of Covid19 Then Finally he returned to Nigeria and after some days later he became seriously Sick that he have to Call for International Attentions then finally the Test Result Shocked everybody because the Hantavirus is Just Few Days Out After Corona virus and people was like even Some Chinese Have nor Contacted That but shock to See an African to be Positive on it and they Proudly Declare Him Positive But According to His Health  Report he is Getting better

So Pray for Him For Quick Recovery

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